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Aim4Success.TV - The UK's Online Resource for Prospective, Potential (PDIs) and Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs)

Aim4Success.TV is the UK's Online Resource for PDIs and ADIs, featuring a huge collection of resources developed by highly-acclaimed ORDIT Trainers, including materials such as:

  • 100+ Hours of Video Tutorials
  • Mock Tests
  • Master Class presentations
  • Downloadable Materials

Who is Aim4Success.TV for? includes advice, tips, instructional videos and downloadable information for those thinking about becoming a driving instructor, as well as PDIs (Potential Driving Instructors) and ADIs (Approved Driving Instructors), plus the opportunity to purchase Training and Instruction Aids from our Online Shop. is divided into the following main sections:

  • Learner & Refresher Driver Resources and Training: This section contains a large amount of content to assist new drivers in their learning of new skills and to help in passing their test for a small monthly fee of just £6.95
  • PDI Resources (ADI Training): This section contains a great deal of in-car, video content to assist PDIs in becoming qualified driving instructors. It can be accessed for a small fee, starting from just £7.95 per week
  • ADI Resources (ADI Development - CPD): This is the largest section of the website and is split into smaller areas, each of which can be accessed by ADIs for a small monthly fee, starting from just £4.95 per week
  • Becoming a Driving Instructor: This section is entirely FREE to browse and use for all our website visitors, along with the Online Shop

    ***Weekly pricing options now available, starting from £4.95 per week!***

Find out more...

Use the buttons below to learn more about the resources available to you at

1. Becoming a Driving Instructor | Is this the career for you?2. ADI Training Parts 1, 2 and 33. ADI Development (CPD) Teaching Learner Drivers

1. Becoming a Driving Instructor | Is this the career for you?

Are there any contracts or minimum terms?

Absolutely not! We have created as an affordable, flexible way to learn for PDIs and ADIs in the UK. There are no minimum terms or monthly contracts*, you simply choose which resources you would like to access and you pay only for that section for as long as you need it - on a month-by-month basis.


*NOTE: Your payments to us will be setup on a recurring basis, weekly, monthly or yearly. However, you are entitled to cancel the recurring payment anytime you wish. You will still be able to view the site for the time that you have paid for. Clear cancellation instructions are provided in our FAQ section


Can I see the quality of the resources before I pay?

Yes of course!

It's only natural that our customers would like to 'try before they buy', so we have included a FREE 'Test Drive' for our Learner Drivers and PDI Resources; this is a sample of the type of information and quality of Online PDI Video Training you will experience throughout the PDI Resources section.

Follow this link to visit our PST 7 Sample area to Test Drive our PDI Resources!


store online offers unique content and information including Online Resources for PDIs, Online Resources for ADIs and advice for those thinking of Becoming a Driving Instructor.

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